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50 Shades of Grey 

The Grey Market. The shady market. We would recommend not to go there. Even if it means for a few hundred dollar savings. It's unofficial, but not illegal. We cover the risks. 

What does the grey market actually mean? The grey market is an unofficial market in goods that have not been obtained from an official supplier.

The risks.

Local Warranty vs. Manufacturer Warranty
Many grey market resellers advertise a "local warranty" on their products.
Genuine Manufacturer's Warranty - exclusively available through official Australian stock resellers including CameraClix. Where repairs are only by authorised repairers of the particular product in Australia. Performed correctly and quickly.
Local Warranty - supported only by the grey market reseller themselves and in many situations the repair process involves your item being sent overseas to be repaired and then sent back. I.e. Potential long turnaround times. Increased chances of damage. Loss and other complications. 

No local customer or technical support
It can be hard to get the answers you need accurately and on time. 

Product could be fake or have fake accessories or parts
From a third party manufacturer which do not work with the camera. 

Not complying with Australian Standards
Causing electrocution or destruction of the battery or camera as they may have a different voltage output. 

Hidden Extras
Many grey market resellers typically charge higher shipping fees. Given you’re obliged to pay GST and customs duty on all imported items the total cost may sometimes be higher i.e 5% customs duty + 10% GST on most products, more information on these fees can be found here.

No Protection
Grey-market resellers are typically overseas businesses that aren’t bound by Australian Consumer Law. They’re not legally obliged to; honour an advertised warranty, provide products in new condition and if that, at all. All it takes is for you to be that unlucky buyer who may receive used or refurbished products, missing parts, or even not receive the item at all. In a case like this, no one can help you to fight your battles. Entities such as the ACCC are powerless outside the borders of Australia.

Illegitimate serial numbers
In the case of an insurance claim for loss or damage the insurer will reject the claim. 

Be sure to do your research into the supplier and seller as we would hate for you to get your hands on a lemon.