Hornsby Showroom | CameraClix
During the COVID-19 pandemic, on April 23, the CameraClix Hornsby Showroom closed their doors (next to Dan Murphy's) and moved to the other side of Hornsby Westfield Shopping Centre (next to Kmart). 
While this meant we couldn't open their doors, it was a great opportunity for them to refine their processes and smooth out their systems so that CameraClix can efficiently operate out of the store. Although the pandemic has shaken things up and threatened our team, the team are working hard to keep their crew busy. As they say, there's no such thing as good or bad situations, it's your perspective and what it drives you to do next that counts.
The CameraClix team are looking forward to opening their doors once the spread of COVID-19 settles. If you would like to join the Hornsby team at their Grand Opening then click here to join the CameraClix Community. 
Enjoy a few exclusive snaps of the NEW Hornsby Store. 
Hornsby CameraClix
Hornsby CameraClix
Thanks to Brinno we were able to capture the renos from start to finish!