Grading system

All of our grading is completed in-house by one of our trained CameraClix technicians. As a simple grade cannot always cover every detail for a camera we will often include additional details in the description of each product. 

Grade A+ 

Brand new condition. Looks so good that it could have just rolled off the assembly line at the factory. Sometimes these items will have the original box and accessories included however be sure to check the individual description for what is included. 

Grade A

Excellent/Mint condition. If you were to hold this camera at arm's length it would appear brand new. For vintage cameras, you won't be able to get a better camera than this. There may be a little dust in the viewfinder but it is very hard to find cameras of this high quality especially in the vintage market. 

Grade B

Very good condition. Whether it has been kept in storage or recently repaired this camera is in great condition. Everything works perfectly and there are at most one or two cosmetic flaws on the outside of the camera. These are usually small and hard to notice such as a small scratch on the baseplate or a few paint chips on the body of the camera. 

Grade C

Good condition. Well used but also well loved. A camera that has seen everything, gone everywhere, and captured everything. Whilst the outside may be a little worse for wear don't let looks full you! Inside is still ready to capture the next shot whatever that may be. This is a camera that will still take photos perfectly despite how it appears. 

Grade D

Average condition. This camera is most likely already past its prime. There will be very visible signs of wear and tear so please refer to the details in the description for what exactly is wrong with this camera. 

Grade E

Ugly condition. Unfortunately, this is a camera only a photographer can love. Whether it has been neglected in a cupboard or dropped off a mountain it is in a very sad state. At this grade, it is unlikely it will work at all, and is in desperate need of some care. Any camera in ugly condition will be non-refundable and sold as is.