CameraClix is operated by an Australian family owned business that started in 1991. The family business originally started with 11 stores across Sydney and the greater surrounds, servicing the locals. The team now have over 29 years of experience in the industry; providing great customer service and building strong relationships with all stakeholders. The team has garnered an exceptional reputation among the photographic community.

CameraClix was established in 2020 to capture and allow the team connect with not only Sydney but the whole Nation. Today, CameraClix provides not only the convenience of an online store, but with the peace of mind of a brick-and-mortar specialist shop. We have three walk-in showrooms across Sydney, located in Broadway Shopping Centre (Sydney CBD), Drummoyne (Victoria Rd), and Hornsby Westfield Shopping Centre. All our staff are photographers and/or video specialists at multiple levels of expertise.

CameraClix Mission

To educate, connect and empower consumers. To build confidence in the industry. To enrich and create passionate photographers across the nation.  

CameraClix Purpose

Educating a customer about a product is an important part of marketing, particularly for innovative or new products that have no current equivalent in the market. Educating customers ensures that they understand the benefits and value of the product. It must be based on an understanding of customers' real needs.

Empowering consumers to use their camera gear.

Connecting photographers to gear, other like-minded photographers and suppliers.  

CameraClix aims to provide a platform for:

  • Consumers to access gifting solutions and print their memories
  • Photographers; to purchase their camera gear they need, to meet up and to promote workshops and courses
  • Organising training sessions and networking sessions for the photography industry

CameraClix Values 

Consumer satisfaction is at the heart of what we are here for at CameraClix.
The CameraClix teams aim is to provide customers with a full solution to their photographic needs.

CameraClix; Inclusive, Integrity, Ethical, Sustainable

Make your memories last forever. Shoot a product or event. Buy gear. All on CameraClix. We're just a click away! 

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