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Whether you are looking to grab a great deal on a second hand camera or start shooting film with a lovely vintage camera Clix Central is the place to get it!

We sell a range of pre-owned cameras and have even implemented our own grading system to help you pick the one you need!

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Trade In's

Looking to trade in your camera gear or sell a vintage camera?

Learn more about our trade in process here.

To make a trade in submission please head to our form here.

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Expert Grading and Evaluation

Every camera we sell is carefully inspected in full to ensure that you know what you are getting! All our quote evaluations are also performed by our CameraClix technicians.

Please also check out our grading system before purchasing your camera as it is a great way to convey the condition of each item!

If you ever have any questions about an item please feel to reach out and ask! We are here to help and want to make sure you get the right gear for what you need.

Our Grading System


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