Rode VideoMic Pro+ Directional On Camera Microphone w/Bonus DeadCat VMP+ Windsheild




Rode VideoMic Pro+ Directional On-Camera Microphone w/Bonus DeadCat VMP+ Windshield

The Rode VideoMic Pro is a popular microphone and is known for its compatibility with DSLR cameras and camcorders, as a source of primary audio. An advanced version of the popular Rode VideoMic, the VideoMic Pro is smaller, but way better when it comes to sound gathering and clarity.

The Deadcat VMP+ is a furry wind cover, specifically designed for usage in windy environments. This is a must-have accessory with your Rode VideoMic Pro, as it helps maintain consistency in the audio output.

With a frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz and an output impedance of 200Ω, the Rode VideoMic Pro weighs 176g only.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The Rode VideoMic Pro+ Kit

  • The VideoMic is extremely convenient and portable, with all its advanced features in a compact package.
  • It has a in-built shock mount that stays out of the way during usage, giving you the required flexibility without affecting performance.
  • Battery-powered with a single 9V battery, which powers the VideoMic for up to 70 hours.


The all-new ½� condenser capsule sits right at the heart of the Rode VideoMic. This capsule produces broadcast-quality, crystal clear audio, with a low self-noise of 14db. The Rode VideoMic is the best choice for those looking for a device generating perfect audio quality.

The Rode VideoMic is also empanelled with the super-cardioid polar pattern, which effectively cuts down the surrounding and background noise. This ensures that the sole focus is on the audio you are recording.

The compact size is an added advantage, and you can easily bring along the Rode VideoMic on your field shooting expeditions.

Quality And Reliability

The Rode VideoMic is lightweight but power-packed with many features that make it a lot better than its preceding versions as well as competitive products. With an all-new design, the VideoMic features a new suspension rig, which ensures that the camera noise and vibrations do not get recorded. The microphone comes with an LED that works as a clear indicator to ensure the mic is switched on as you record using your camera.

The controls of the Rode VideoMic are positioned for easy access and quick usage. The VideoMic comes with a standard-sized shoe mount for on-camera use. It features a 3/8� base thread, which easily allows you to mount the mic to other accessories.

All in all, it is easy to assemble, ready-to-use model and comes in very handy when used complimentarily with a camera.

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