Passport CameraClix

With over 29 years experience, the CameraClix team has built a great reputation for creating passport photos, ID photo's, international driver's licences', Taxi and bus liscence's, sporting ID's, work cover, forklift licences', membership card's and student ID's. We cater for babies, children and adults for all of types of ID photos.

Our experienced team at the Hornsby, Broadway and Drummoyne Showrooms will take your passport photo. No appointments necessary. We ensure that it meets the correct sizing requirements for all Countries.

All you have to do is drop into our store, we'll take your photo and within 15 minutes your photo will be available. 

We use biometric technology software that has been officially approved by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and meets Australian Government standards to make your application that little bit easier. We run your passport and ID photos through specific tests that determine on the spot whether its passport approved.

Should you require any further information simply call us on 0429 226 372 or email