Peak Design Standard Plate 4-way Arca compatible

Peak DesignSKU: PD-PL-S-3



4-DIRECTION COMPATIBILITY WITH CAPTURE® Standard Plate fits into Capture in 4 directions and is backwards compatible with any Capture unit ever built. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION The plate is made of die-cast powder coated aluminum. It's weatherproof, resistant to scratches, and the smooth finish glides in and out of Capture effortlessly. HEX/COIN-DRIVE CONNECTION SCREW Features a connection screw with a 4mm hex drive, as well as a coin drive, meaning you'll always be able to securely tighten or easily remove Standard Plate. DURABLE, TWIST RESISTANT PAD The black injection molded pad will prevent the plate from twisting when connected to your camera, and gives the plate a sleek, unique look. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PEAK DESIGN STRAPS Contains 4 loops specifically designed for attaching Peak Design Anchors, meaning you can use Standard Plate (and Capture) with any/all of our quick-connecting camera straps. LIFETIME GUARANTEE Like all PD products, Standard Plate comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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