NiSi 100mm Advanced Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL

NiSiSKU: 112463




  • Features the new NiSi V6 Holder
  • Includes the Enhanced Landscape CPL
  • Allows the use of 3 square filters + 1 circular polariser
  • No vignetting on ultra wide lenses such as Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
  • Includes 6 filters (3 Stop ND, 6 Stop ND, 10 Stop ND, Medium GND8, Reverse GND8 and Natural Night)
  • Includes the NiSi 100mm Caddy Filter Pouch.
  • Ultimate kit for getting started with ND filters and landscape photography
  • SAVE ~15% compared to purchasing the included items separately.

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