Nikon Z fc Body White Mirrorless Camera

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The Nikon Z fc is a modern DX-format mirrorless camera that combines classic design elements with advanced technology. Here are the technical details and key features of the camera:

Technical Details:

  • Controls: The camera features intuitive and tactile controls, including dedicated dials for ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. This allows users to easily adjust settings to achieve the desired quality in various photography scenarios.

  • ISO Sensitivity: The camera offers a wide ISO sensitivity range, with a maximum of up to 51200, enabling users to capture clear and sharp images even in low-light conditions.

  • Video Capabilities: It supports 4K UHD video recording, utilizing the full DX-based image sensor width. The camera also features slow-motion movie settings with various image dimensions and frame rates, making it suitable for capturing moments in videos.

  • LCD Display: The camera is equipped with a 3-inch vari-angle TFT LCD display monitor that is touch-operational, making it easy to capture shots from different angles. It also features AF-F (full-time autofocus) for tracking subjects, even when taking self-portraits.

  • USB Charging: The camera supports USB power delivery and USB charging, offering convenient power options for users on the go.

  • Weight: It weighs approximately 390g, making it a compact and lightweight camera that's easy to carry for capturing moments throughout the day and night.

  • Exposure Compensation in AUTO Mode: The Z fc is the first Nikon Z series camera to support exposure compensation during AUTO mode, giving users more control over their desired expression, such as adjusting brightness.

  • Creative Picture Control Effects: With over 20 Creative Picture Control effects, users have creative freedom to apply different aesthetics and moods to their photos, allowing for unique and expressive imagery.

  • Eye-Detection AF and Animal Eye-Detection AF: The camera features Eye-Detection AF, which locks onto moving subjects and delivers high-quality imagery. This feature is not limited to stills but also applicable during movie recording.

  • Connectivity: The camera is supported by a suite of software tools for seamless image and video transfer to smart devices, enabling users to easily share their moments with their community. The SnapBridge software allows for remote shooting and screen mirroring capabilities for live streaming. It also supports Webcam Utility for live-streaming with clarity and depth of field.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Performance and Modern Convenience: The camera combines the design of the classic Nikon FM2 with modern technology, making it an ideal choice for urban enthusiasts and trendsetters who value both style and performance. It offers advanced performance and modern conveniences for capturing meaningful moments in everyday life.

  2. Intuitive and Tactile Controls: The camera's tactile controls and dials make it easy to adjust settings, giving users more creative control over their photography.

  3. Compact and Sleek: With its lightweight and compact design, the Z fc is a convenient and stylish companion for photographers on the go, allowing them to capture moments throughout the day and night.

In summary, the Nikon Z fc is a versatile mirrorless camera that marries classic design with contemporary technology, offering users the ability to capture moments with style and precision. Its intuitive controls, creative picture control effects, and connectivity options make it a compelling choice for photographers who seek a blend of artistry and modern convenience.

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