Nextbase Rear Window Camera




Unveil the technology driving the Nextbase Rear Window Camera—an ultimate protector against tailgaters, rear-end impacts, and parking scrapes. Experience a shield that extends beyond, safeguarding you from every angle. With its 140 Degree ultra-wide viewing angle, it captures not only the road behind but also the sidewalks on either side. Seamless installation is facilitated by a 6m long cable, discreetly hidden beneath the roof lining. Flexibility reigns with the fully adjustable magnetic mount, empowered by Neodymium magnets. This table tennis ball-sized camera, versatile in angle, ensures inconspicuous protection. Compatible with Nextbase 322GW, 422GW, and 522GW models, its integration with a rear-view camera module auto-adjusts front camera resolution for optimal performance.

Top Three Reasons to Embrace This Camera:

  1. Consistently fortified with reliable features
  2. User-friendly operation for intuitive usage
  3. Exceptional value proposition for augmented security

Experience the Nextbase Rear Window Camera's exceptional protective prowess—an ally against tailgaters and rear impacts, offering unobtrusive yet powerful defense.

  • 140 Degree ultra-wide viewing angle for comprehensive coverage
  • Fully adjustable magnetic mount for versatile positioning
  • Seamless integration with Nextbase Dash Cams
  • Auto-adjustment of front camera resolution in tandem with rear-view module


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