Nextbase Rear View Camera




Discover the magic behind the Nextbase Rear-View Camera – your safety companion on the road. It has a special lens that captures what's directly behind your car, just like your rear-view mirror. This lens covers a smaller area to focus on tailgaters and potential rear-end collisions. Easily attach it to the side of your Nextbase Dash Cam for an extra set of eyes. It works with certain Nextbase models and adjusts your front camera's quality when connected. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an extra layer of protection.

Top Three Reasons to Love This Camera:

  1. Simple setup and use
  2. Adds more safety features to your driving
  3. Great value for the added security
  • Special lens for a clear view behind your car
  • Helps guard against tailgaters and rear-end accidents
  • Simple attachment to your Nextbase Dash Cam
  • Works with specific Nextbase models
  • Boosts your overall driving safety

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