Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam

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Unlock the technical marvels of the Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam, where innovation meets precision. Immerse yourself in cinematic 4K image quality paired with impeccable Image Stabilisation and intelligent functionalities. Experience a journey of clarity as this exceptional dashcam effectively minimizes vehicle vibrations, presenting seamless and vivid visuals. Harness Alexa Voice Control to access news, weather updates, music playback, and more, seamlessly integrated into your dashcam experience.

Super Slow Motion at 1080p unveils every detail of encountered incidents, including crucial elements like number plates and vehicle features. Embrace Enhanced Night Vision and Extreme Weather Mode for optimal visibility in challenging conditions, ensuring unparalleled reliability on dimly lit roads or amidst fog. The Intelligent Parking Mode, Emergency SOS, and GPS Module elevate your security and connectivity. With a responsive 3” HD IPS Touch Screen Panel and recording capabilities at 30fps, the 622GW delivers an unrivaled 4K image quality.

Top Three Reasons to Embrace This Dash Cam:

  1. Elevates your driving experience with cinematic 4K quality
  2. Empowered by an array of intelligent and potent features
  3. Seamlessly integrates Alexa for enhanced convenience

Expert's Insight: The Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam redefines excellence with its exceptional resolution and comprehensive features. It guarantees the clearest image quality for crucial details like number plates. In an unpredictable road journey, the 622GW ensures you capture vital information with unparalleled clarity.

  • Enhanced Night Mode and Extreme Weather Mode
  • Image Stabilisation for pristine visuals
  • 3” HD IPS Touch Screen Panel for seamless control
  • 30fps recording at cinematic 4K image quality
  • Super Slow Motion for intricate incident review


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