PM XC-M Mini Dovetail Plate

PMSKU: 3685



The PM 3685 M.D. Plate works hand-in-hand with the 3573 M.D. Clamp. This system is designed for fast attachment of photographic accessories. Every PM XC-M tripod comes with a 3685 M.D. plate preinstalled on its yoke. This plate can be purchased as a replacement (in the event of loss) or to add the M.D. system to other tripods, grip items, and accessories.

* Note, if you are replacing the M.D. plate on the yoke of an XC-M tripod, first peel off the soft pad from the plate. It will expose a machined impression on the M.D. plate which mates perfectly with the XC-M yoke and acts as an anti-twist measure.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 28 mm Long x 20.5 mm Wide x 8 mm Thick (not including the protruding 1/4"-20 threaded mounting post) Weight: 3/8 oz / 11 grams

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