PM XC-M 522C Extension / Macro Leg Set - Carbon Fibre

MasterSKU: 3552



The PM 3552 Carbon Fiber Extension & Macro Legs work with XC-M 522C tripods. After removing all 3 of the XC-M 522C's legs these extensions attach in their place. Now you have a choice. Either reattach the legs to these extensions and you get a very stable tripod with 6" more height, OR attach the 3 soft feet (included) to the extensions thereby converting your tripod into a lightweight, super-strong macro tripod. The 3552 Extension & Macro Leg set adds amazing versatility to your XC-M 522C tripod. SPECIFICATIONS: Adds 6" / 152 mm of length to each XC-M 522C leg section Actual dimensions of each leg extension: 6 3/8" / 162 mm long x 22mm diameter Weight of each leg extension: 1 1/32 oz / 29 grams Weight of each foot: 3/8 oz / 11 grams

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