PM Canon NB-2LH Battery for Canon Video Cameras

PMSKU: 1603



PM batteries are a high quality, long lasting power source for your digital camera or camcorder. PM replacement batteries are manufactured to meet or exceed the equipment manufacturer's specifications.


Canon PowerShot S30 / Canon S30
Canon PowerShot S40 / Canon S40
Canon PowerShot S45 /Canon S45
Canon PowerShot S50 /Canon S50
Canon PowerShot S55 / Canon S55
Canon PowerShot S60 /Canon S60
Canon PowerShot S70 /Canon S70
Canon PowerShot S80 / Canon S80
Canon PowerShot G7 / Canon G7
Canon PowerShot G9 / Canon G9
Canon DC310
Canon DC320
Canon DC330
Canon DC410
Canon DC420
Canon HV20
Canon HG10
Canon Digital Rebel XT / Canon Rebel XT / Canon XT
Canon Digital Rebel XTi /Canon Rebel XTi / Canon XTi
Canon EOS Kiss Digital N
Canon EOS-350D, EOS 350D / Canon 350D
Canon EOS-400D, EOS 400D / Canon 440D
Canon Optura 30 / Optura 30
Canon Optura 40 / Optura 40
Canon Optura 50 / Optura 50
Canon Optura 400 / Optura 400
Canon Optura 500 / Optura 500
Canon Optura 60 / Optura 60
Canon ZR-100 / ZR100
Canon ZR-200 / ZR200
Canon ZR-300 / ZR300
Canon ZR-400 / ZR400
Canon ZR-500 / ZR500
Canon ZR-600 / ZR600
Canon ZR-700 / ZR700
Canon Elura 40MC / Elura 40MC
Canon Elura 50 / Elura 50
Canon Elura 60 / Elura 60
Canon Elura 65 / Elura 65
Canon Elura 70 / Elura 70
Canon Elura 80 / Elura 80
Canon Elura 85 / Elura 85
Canon Elura 90 / Elura 90
Canon FVM20 / FVM20
Canon FVM30 / FVM30
Canon FVM100 KIT / FVM100
Canon FVM200 / FVM200
Canon FV500 / FV 500
Canon IXY DV3 / IXY DV3
Canon IXY DV5 / IXY DV 5
Canon MV5 / MV 5
Canon MV5i / MV 5i
Canon MV5iMC, MV5i MC
Canon MV6iMC, MV6i MC
Canon MV800, MV-800
Canon MV830, MV-830
Canon MV830i, MV-830i
Canon MV850i, MV-850i
Canon MV880X, MV-880X
Canon MV920, MV-920
Canon MVX20i, MV X20i, MVX-20i
Canon MVX25i, MV X25i, MVX-25i
Canon MVX30i, MV X30i, MVX-30i
Canon MVX35i, MV X35i, MVX-35i
Canon MVX40i, MV X40i, MVX-40i
Canon MVX45i, MV X45i, MVX-45i
Canon MVX200, MV X200, MVX-200
Canon MVX200i, MV X200i, MVX-200i
Canon MVX250i, MV X250i, MVX-250i
Canon MVX300i, MV X300i, MVX-300i
Canon MVX330i, MV X330i, MVX-330i
Canon MVX350i, MV X350i, MVX-350i
Canon VIXIA HF R10, HFR10
Canon VIXIA HF R11, HFR11
Canon VIXIA HF R100, HFR100
and more models.

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