Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Reflector Telescope - Smartphone App-Enabled

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Unveiling the Technical Specifications:

Behold the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Reflector Telescope - Smartphone App-Enabled, a revolutionary stargazing tool. This telescope boasts a manual altazimuth mount with dual-axis slow-motion controls, providing you with precise maneuverability. Bid farewell to complex star charts, imprecise planetarium apps, and computerized mounts. With StarSense Explorer, locating celestial objects has never been quicker, easier, or more accurate. In a matter of minutes, you'll be confidently navigating the cosmos.

How It Works:

  1. Set up your telescope and place your smartphone in the exclusive StarSense dock.
  2. Launch the StarSense Explorer app.
  3. Align your phone with the telescope's optics in a swift 2-minute process.
  4. The app generates a list of currently visible celestial objects.
  5. On-screen arrows guide you to the selected object as you adjust the telescope.
  6. The bullseye turns green when the object is ready for viewing.

Compatibility: StarSense Explorer is compatible with most modern smartphones, including iPhone 6 and newer models, as well as most devices running Android 7.1.2 or later manufactured since 2016.

High-Quality Optics: This telescope features a substantial 130mm (5 inches) objective lens, providing exceptional light-gathering capabilities for intricate celestial observations. Expect sharp and vivid views of Jupiter's Galilean moons, cloud bands, and Great Red Spot, Saturn's rings, the Orion Nebula's trapezium, and the beautiful Pleiades Open Star Cluster. The primary and secondary mirrors boast highly reflective coatings, further enhancing your viewing experience.

Patent-Pending StarSense Sky Recognition Technology: StarSense Explorer employs patent-pending technology, paired with your smartphone, to precisely determine the telescope's position in the night sky. It uses a Lost in Space Algorithm (LISA), akin to those used by orbiting satellites for orientation. This advanced technology matches detected star patterns with an internal database. While other astronomy apps rely solely on phone gyros and accelerometers, which are less precise, StarSense Explorer's LISA technology sets it apart. No other app can accurately inform you when your target is visible in the eyepiece.

High-Quality Altazimuth Mount with Slow Motion Control: The telescope is mounted on a highly stable altazimuth mount, ensuring a solid foundation for your celestial explorations. Equipped with slip clutches and geared slow-motion controls in both axes, this telescope allows for smooth and precise adjustments as you track celestial objects. As these objects appear to drift across the night sky, you can effortlessly follow them with simple knob turns. All of this is anchored by an adjustable, full-height tripod.

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending StarSense Sky Recognition Technology
  • StarSense Explorer App
  • Manual Altazimuth Mount

Top Three Reasons Why We Believe You Will Cherish This Telescope:

  1. Versatile for Both Urban and Dark Sky Environments
  2. Beginner-Friendly and User-Focused
  3. Exceptionally Portable

Expert Opinion: The Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Reflector Telescope - Smartphone App-Enabled offers a rich array of features in a remarkably portable package. Celestron has reimagined the manual telescope with the StarSense Explorer, which leverages your smartphone to analyze the night sky and calculate real-time positioning. Its user-friendly app interface, coupled with detailed tutorials, makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Think of it as your personal night sky tour guide.

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