Sony Cinema Line FX6 Full Frame E-Mount Video Camera

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The Sony Cinema Line FX6 Full Frame E-Mount Video Camera is equipped with an advanced image-processing engine, the BIONZ XRTM, renowned for its exceptional speed and real-time processing capabilities. This engine handles various tasks such as autofocus, image recognition, image quality adjustments, data transfer, user interface operations, and more. The camera's compact design doesn't compromise its performance, thanks to the full-frame image sensor and impressive sensitivity it houses. With its cutting-edge movie functions, the camera delivers outstanding performance and a variety of cinematic looks. The back-illuminated full-frame Exmor RTM CMOS sensor boasts high-speed data readout, excellent sensitivity, and a wide dynamic range. The inclusion of features like advanced color filtering, phase-detection autofocus, and Sony's S-Cinetone look contribute to the camera's superb image quality.

The camera's exceptional sensitivity and wide dynamic range are facilitated by its 10.2-megapixel full-frame configuration, which optimizes the sensor's output signal to reduce noise across various sensitivity settings. It achieves remarkable ISO performance up to 4096003, enabling usable imaging even in low-light conditions. The camera's dynamic range is an impressive 15+ stops4, resulting in true-to-life images without overexposed highlights. The S-Cinetone look, inherited from Sony's FX9 camera, enhances skin tones, mid-range colors, and highlight handling, making it easier to achieve pleasing images directly in-camera. The camera also supports 4K5 High Frame Rate 120fps recording, capturing detailed slow-motion footage without sacrificing image quality.

  • Record 4K (QFHD) at up to 120fps for high-frame-rate content.
  • Full-frame performance with excellent sensitivity and cinematic looks.
  • Movie functions include Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection.

Top Three Reasons to Choose This Camera:

  1. Built-in Electronic Variable ND Filter for versatile shooting.
  2. Cinematic Color Science with S-Cinetone for visually appealing results.
  3. A combination of revolutionary compactness and high performance.

Expert Opinion: The Sony Cinema Line FX6 Full Frame E-Mount Video Camera empowers you to capture compelling narratives. Encased in a compact design that's ready for on-the-go shooting, the FX6 incorporates a highly sensitive full-frame image sensor, expanding your creative possibilities in the realm of filmmaking.

Brand Sony
Megapixel 10 Megapixels
Video Type 4K Video Recording
Image Processor BIONZ XRTM image-processing engine
Sensor CMOS Sensor
Tilt Screen No

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