Nikon Z 9 Body Only Full Frame Mirrorless Camera


The Technical Details Behind The Nikon Z 9 Camera

The Nikon Z 9’s powerful AF is the result of three technologies: an unprecedented AF calculation speed of 120 cycles per second, intelligent subject detection developed using deep learning, and rapid, constant communication of AF information between the lens and camera body via the Z mount. These technologies combine to perform a higher level of AF tracking performance for erratically moving subjects, even during high-speed continuous shooting. The AF algorithm is also tuned to nail moving subjects with confidence in low-light situations. Furthermore, the Z 9’s AF being controlled independently from live-view exposure enables powerful AF even in backlit situations.

Detecting world’s largest range of 9 different subject types — for stills and videos

In order to achieve reliable AF for a variety of subjects, the Nikon Z 9 employs an advanced algorithm developed using deep-learning technology and detects the world’s largest range of 9 subject types. With human subjects, the camera can detect and focus on a person’s eye even if it is small in the frame, which helps when cropping the image. It can even focus on the eye through goggles or sunglasses, or if upside down. In a dynamic situation such as where a gymnast performs a somersault during a floor exercise and the AF loses the face, detection will automatically shift to the head or upper body, maintaining focus on the subject. For wildlife photographers and photo enthusiasts, it also detects birds, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and airplanes, as well as cats and dogs, allowing you to leave focusing on the camera while you concentrate on your image composition.

Persistent tracking lets you focus on the best moments — 3D-tracking

3D-tracking has long been praised for its tracking performance with Nikon D-SLRs, and the Nikon Z 9 brings this feature to the Z series for the first time. Coupled with subject detection developed using deep learning, it continues tracking a subject such as a racing car that approaches close and then moves away quickly, or a swiftly moving athlete.

Maintain focus on a subject exactly where you want – Dynamic-area AF

Many professional sports photographers decide exactly where in the frame they want to achieve focus before going into a scene and maintain it on a subject with dynamic-area AF. Taking advantage of the vast AF coverage, the Z 9 brings new advances by offering three dynamic-area AF modes: (S) with a focusing area equivalent to that of the D6, (M) with an area as big as that of the Z 7II, and (L) with an even larger focusing area. Effective use of these depending on the situation helps nail decisive moments in scenes such as soccer and basketball.

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