Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens

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Technical Specifications:

The Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens is a versatile 180-600 mm lens featuring an automatic aperture with an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism. Its nine-blade diaphragm creates a rounded aperture opening, providing a maximum aperture of f/5.6-6.3. This lens is constructed with 25 elements in 17 groups, offering an angle of view of 13°40′ – 4°10′ for full-frame/FX format and 9° – 2°40′ for APS-C/DX format. It offers a minimum focusing distance of 1.3 m at 180mm and 2.4 m at 600mm zoom, with a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.25x. The lens measures approximately 110mm in diameter, 315.5mm in length, and weighs around 1,955 grams without accessories. It also boasts a 95mm filter attachment size.

Outstanding Optical Quality:

The Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens excels in optical performance, delivering crystal-clear images with minimal aberrations and distortions. This exceptional quality is achieved through the inclusion of six extra-low dispersion elements and an aspherical element. Additionally, a front element fluorine coating enhances image quality.

Compact Design for Quality Shots:

Capture your subjects with precision using the Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens. This lens not only impresses with its optical composition but also its well-thought-out design. It employs an internal focusing system and utilizes a Silent Wave Motor (STM) for autofocusing, ensuring smooth and quiet shooting experiences. The lens also features a focus mode switch for convenient adjustment to suit your shooting requirements.

Sharp Focus with Beautiful Backgrounds:

The Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens features a nine-blade rounded diaphragm, which, combined with its optical design, results in sharply focused subjects against a beautifully blurred background. This combination produces striking telephoto images.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates one aspherical (AS) element and six extra-low dispersion (ED) elements.
  • Offers a variable f/5.6-6.3 maximum aperture.
  • Equipped with a rounded 9-blade diaphragm.
  • Utilizes a Stepping AF Motor for quiet and precise autofocus.
  • Features an internal focus mechanism.

Top Three Reasons to Love this Lens:

  1. Compact form factor for unrestricted exploration.
  2. Outstanding operability, ensuring you capture spontaneous moments with ease.
  3. Excellent optical performance, making it ideal for wildlife photography.


  • Nikon Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6 - 6.3 VR Telephoto Lens
  • Front lens cap (LC-95B)
  • Rear lens cap (LF-N1)
  • Lens hood (HB-109)
  • Lens hood case (CL-C6)

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