Cleaning your camera; yes its important

Let’s talk about cleaning your camera, the thing we all know we should do but most of the time well… we don’t. However, cleaning your camera is actually very important as it ensures that you will always be using gear that is in excellent condition to help you capture that perfect image. What needs to be cleaned can actually be broken down into a few different sections, lets talk about what gear you will actually need to do this.

Cleaning gear you need

Now keep in mind these are not all essential but it is usually recommended to use the correct gear to avoid any damage or scratches.

First up we have the blower. Really any sort of blower will work it just needs to be able to well blow. This is used to help push any dust off your glass or sensor without needing to touch it.

Next up is a microfibre cloth. If you were going to get one thing I would recommend this. It is perfect especially for getting any smudges off your lenses.

The final piece of gear is a lens pen. This is actually a 2 in 1 as at one end is a small cleaning tip great for getting in small places and at the other is a retractable brush. It’s a really great all-around tool.

Cleaning your lens

Step 1: Use your blower to blow off any large particles and the majority of dust. In some cases this first step may be enough, it really depends on where you have been taking and what you have been doing with your camera.

Step 2: If you still have dust remaining on the lens you will now need to use the brush end of the lens pen. Just lightly brush any remaining dust off (you really do not need to apply too much pressure here.

Step 3: Use the cleaning end of the lens pen and/or your microfibre cloth to get any marks or foreign objects. The idea here is to do multiple passes using small circular motions and very little pressure to make sure you do not scratch the glass.

Cleaning your camera body

To clean your camera body and screen (or screens in the case of mirrorless cameras) just simply use a larger brush such as a paint brush and then the microfibre cloth on any glass surfaces. Now if there is any dust on your sensor you can use the blower to try and remove it. Please note we do not recommend cleaning your own sensor as it can be easily damaged, if you do want to feel free just ensure you do it with extreme caution.