Why Print With Kaieda?

Kaieda [kʌɛdɑ] is our new printing department that focuses on delivering the best quality, while also researching other materials and finished gifts to give you new ideas for every occasion. Our team is always ready to turn your imagination into reality.

Every year we expand our selection of custom prints! In 2020, we added a pro-grade printer utilising UV ink curing that allows us to print on a variety of items without worrying about paint runs or curing times. This year we've added glass and metal to the list that you can create a custom graphic on.

Our current list includes:

  • Ceramic mugs, for both single and full-wrap designs. They were selected for their ability to withstand temperature changes, perfect for a hot drink on a cold day.
  • T-shirts, available in white or black. Show off your individuality by creating a shirt that no one else has, or get one for a friend and tell them it's the only one in the entire world.
  • Wood blocks, currently available in 4 different sizes. This is a unique print that has a timeless aesthetic. Why settle for a frame, when you can make your images stand out? We hand craft these by selecting the best natural pine wood, cutting them, and sanding it down to a beautiful finish. Each block is painted with a layer of white, dried overnight, and then it's ready for our printer.
  • Premium photo prints, we do almost every size. We use a calibrated, art-grade, inkjet printer onto specialised, archival photo paper. It is a far cry from other printer options, and if you need accurate printing, we welcome you talk to one of our imaging specialists at Kaieda.
  • Tote bags, an environmentally friendly canvas bag. They are available for a single-sided print or both sides as well.
  • Metal prints, imagine a beautiful photo/illustration, displayed at the national museum on a thin piece of aluminium with a very high print resolution and accurate colour rendition. Now you can have that in your home, office, wherever you want!
  • Canvas, done on our Canon printer, we can do any size up to 60" on the short edge. Want a long banner for your castle walls? We can do it!
  • and even more; we also do mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, stubby holders, and more. Check out the collection with Kaieda!

Custom prints, we got you. Special occasion? We have multiple options that you can choose from. Professional photographer? There are some unique products to surprise your client and set you above everyone else. There's something in our range for everyone, and it's expanding each year.