Top Cameras in 2020 | CameraClix

Looking for a new camera could be daunting, we have put together a list of the most looked at cameras of 2020. While everyone's style is different and every camera has their own features and benefits for specific shots so we recommend reaching out to our camera specialists before making your investment! 

Medium Format Beast -  Fujifilm GFX 100 

Boasting a medium format sensor, this is a go to camera if you are looking to be on top of your game. The premium price point won't suit everyone although if you feel like a little splurge, this is the camera to be saving up for.

Compact High Res - Sony A7R IV

If your shooting for billboard promotions or wanting to do large format printing, look no further, this camera has a HUGE 61 megapixel 35mm sensor allowing you to capture anything. You want perfect detail from an image with a 500% crop, this can give it to you. 

Full Frame All Rounder  - Sony A7 III

One of the most popular cameras on the market today, the hype around this has been everlasting. It's a fantastic camera that all enthusiast photographers are picking up, amazing stills and amazing video functionality shooting in 4K. 

Premium Pro All Rounder - Panasonic s1

The Panasonic S1 is here for those with a premium taste. The feel and build of the chassis is one of the best. Once you lay a finger on the S1, you cannot go back. Image quality from its 24 megapixel - full frame sensor is unparalleled, the colours you’ll be able to pick up from it is unreal.

The DSLR Value For Money - Canon 6D Mark II

Still got your DSLR lenses? Here's one for you, the Canon 6D Mark II, new 26 megapixel full frame sensor will get you those amazing high resolution stills. It's your entry point to full frame, priced very reasonably and giving you that DSLR quality you know.

Powerful Micro 4/3 - Olympus E- M5 Mark III

Small but powerful. The E-M5 III is the new Olympus pro travel camera. Olympus’s new Em5 III shows of it’s powerful performance in its 5 axis stabiliser, if you're an avid traveler or after compact camera that shoots like a full frame, here is your camera.

Film Simulation - Fujifilm X-T30

Film head? The XT-30 has a film simulation that other cameras cannot produce. Fujifilm’s technology has allowed its camera to get a film look that will bring that nostalgia feel. 

All Rounder Full Frame - Nikon Z6

Nikon Z6 is another all round amazing camera. It’s Nikon's first step into mirrorless systems and already proven to be a success. Both still and videos are incredibly sharp and the LED top panel is super useful. If you're after the nikon quality you've always know, here's the mirrorless version of your well known DSLRs that we have grown up loving

Travel Companion - Panasonic TZ95

Last but not least, our most purchased travel camera! The TZ95 has a huge 30x optical zoom and instills Leica glass. LEICA! The quality from this little guy is nothing you’d be able to find in other cameras under $600. The zoom capabilities are really good, although a tripod is recommended as it can get shaky with a magnification that big!

While these are just some of the most popular... we recommend you speak to us regarding what camera is best suited for you!