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If the regular A7 III isn’t small enough for you, the Sony A7C is the one to buy. It’s the beautiful combination of an A7 III internals and the modified body of the 6000 series. To complement the much smaller body, a new lens, the Sony FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 has been announced. For a full-frame zoom lens, the size is incredibly small, almost as small as an open E 16-50.

Sony A7C Release

Starting with the exterior, the A7C is slightly larger than an A6600 but with similar proportions, the flip-screen from the A7S3, and a control layout from the A7 III minus a front dial. Sony is finally embracing a proper flip screen. It can face forward and nearly every other angle as well. There’s a notch in the rear body that allows you to easily pull it out as well.

Sony A7C Release

The control layout is almost identical to an A7 Mark 3 body, the biggest difference is the lack of a front control dial. With 2 dials on the back, you’d have to set a different key or shortcut through the Function menu to change the 3rd setting (ISO most likely) if you’re shooting in manual mode.

Perhaps due to the smaller body or product placement in the lower tier, it only has one SD card slot. On the bright side, it does have USB-C connectivity and charging. The standard microphone and headphone jacks are a feature as well. With a new 5Ghz WiFi transceiver, it’ll connect to your phone and tablet.

Sony A7C Release

Internally, it’s the same sensor as the A7III mounted on a 5-axis in-body image stabilizer (IBIS) unit. The imaging sensor performance is very similar to the A7III with incredible, low-light performance and amazing dynamic range close to 15 stops. It has the same BIONZ X processor from the A7R4, A9II and the A7III as well.

If you want a compact full-frame camera with amazing performance, this is the one to get. It’s the smallest full-frame camera with IBIS.


Sony a7C