Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV Review | CameraClix

Olympus have silenced any rumors about closing off the camera business with the release of the E-M10 Mark IV (Mark 4). The latest update in their entry-level mirrorless camera line is a great update to the previous E-M10 Mark III.

EM10 Mk4 Body

As with the Mark 3, this model is designed to be beginner-friendly, but without sacrificing all the features that a more advanced user will utilize. While more experienced photographers will go straight to manual, aperture priority, or shutter speed priority modes, the budding shooter can use the auto modes and the different scene modes.

A unique feature to Olympus models is the new Advanced Photo mode. It’s similar to the scene modes available in other models, but the processor uses some photo editing tricks for impressive results. Available are; live composite, live time, multi-exposure, HDR, silent mode, panorama, keystone compensation, AE bracketing, and focus bracketing. Some of these effects and modes can also be fine-tuned to suit your composition.


Ergonomically, the biggest change is the larger front grip. It’s a lot more comfortable and brings the camera design closer to the E-M5 Mark 3. The 3” touch screen can now flip all the way forward. It flips under the camera. The layout of the controls is otherwise very standard. If you’ve used an Olympus OM-D in the past few years, it’ll be second nature to you.

The electronic viewfinder covers 100% of the shot, and the resolution is 2.36M dots. It will automatically adjust the brightness depending on the environment. You can also manually adjust the brightness in 4 steps. The colour temperature can also be adjusted. It’s a fairly advanced viewfinder for an entry-level camera.

The new sensor and processor are a great combo. With a 20.3 megapixel output, and shooting speeds up to 15 fps, it’s not slouch in the stills department. If you want to take moving pictures, the camera is capable of 4K up to 30 frames a second. It can do some slow-mo at 120fps in 1280 x 720. 

It's certainly an exciting update to the entry level E-M10 camera line. If you're as keen as us to shoot with one, Olympus are offering a pre-order bonus with the camera. Place an order with us today!

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