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Four new products have been released by Rode for the Wireless Go and the VideoMic range. There’s a dual cold shoe mount to expand mounting capabilities. Next, a 3.5mm TRS splitter cable for dual inputs. Plus, a TRRS to TRRS cable, and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

photo of the DCS-1 on top of a BlackMagic 4K camera

Rode DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount Review

The capabilities of this simple dual mount are endless. Designed to expand the typical single hot shoe mount on top of a camera, this extends it into a dual mount. It’s not too wide nor bulky. Lightweight, but sturdy.

rode dcs-1 dual cold shoe mount

Perfect for mounting two Wireless Go units, or a single microphone plus a small lighting unit. As long as either accessory is not too wide, it can fit. The DCS-1 also has cable management slots for the Rode SC11 splitter cable.

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rode y splitter cable sc11

Rode SC11 Y-Splitter Cable Review

Newly released 3.5mm TRS splitter cable for dual input into a single mic input. The cable is 275mm long, and slots into the cable management in the DCS-1 mount perfectly. It can be used with any microphone with the correct jack. It’s perfect as a companion accessory to the Rode DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount. You could mount 2 Wireless Go units onto the DCS-1 and then use this splitter cable to link both of the units into the camera.

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New Rode

Rode SC16 USB-C to USB-C Cable Review

A high quality USB-C male to male cable, the Rode SC16 is designed to link up the amazing VideoMic NTG. With this cable you can connect the NTG shotgun microphone to another device with a USB-C connection. The cable is 30cm long, plenty for most use cases.

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usbc cable

Rode SC10 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS Cable

The Rode SC10 is a male-to-male TRRS cable. It’s 32.1cm long with two section separated by a junction box for cable management. The cable has two ends with different segments, one end is ultra-flexible so it doesn’t affect microphone mounting, while the other has been sleeved with memory shrouding for routing around a camera. The SC10 is compatible with the cable management solutions in the Rode SM7-R and DCS-1 mounts.

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