PM Fujifilm NP-45 Battery for FinePix Z, J, JX, XP and T Series Cameras

PMSKU: 8806



PM batteries are a high quality, long lasting power source for your digital camera or camcorder. PM replacement batteries are manufactured to meet or exceed the equipment manufacturer's specifications.


FinePix Z10 fd, Z10fd
FinePix Z20 fd, Z20fd
FinePix Z100 fd, Z100fd
FinePix Z200 fd, Z200fd
FinePix Z250 fd, Z250fd
FinePix Z30
FinePix Z30WP
FinePix Z31
FinePix Z33
FinePix Z33WP
FinePix Z35
FinePix Z37
FinePix Z70
FinePix Z71
FinePix Z80
FinePix Z81
FinePix Z90
FinePix Z91
FinePix Z110
FinePix Z115
FinePix Z700EXR
FinePix Z707EXR
FinePix Z800EXR
FinePix Z808EXR
FinePix Z900EXR
FinePix Z909EXR
FinePix Z950EXR
FinePix Z1000EXR
FinePix Z1010EXR
FinePix J10
FinePix J12
FinePix J100
FinePix J110w
FinePix J120
FinePix J150w
Finepix J15fd
FinePix J20
FinePix J210
FinePix J25
FinePix J250
Finepix J26
Finepix J27
Finepix J30
Finepix J35
Finepix J38
Finepix JV100
Finepix JV105
Finepix JV150
Finepix JV200
Finepix JV205
Finepix JV250
Finepix JV255
Finepix JX200
Finepix JX205
Finepix JX250
Finepix JX300
Finepix JX305
Finepix JX350
Finepix JX355
Finepix JX370
Finepix JX375
Finepix JX400
Finepix JX405
Finepix JX420
Finepix JX500
Finepix JX520
Finepix JX550
Finepix JX580
Finepix JX590
Finepix JX660
FinePix JX680
Finepix JX700
Finepix JX710
Finepix JZ100
Finepix JZ110
Finepix JZ250
Finepix JZ260
Finepix JZ300
Finepix JZ305
Finepix JZ500
Finepix JZ505
Finepix XP10
Finepix XP11
Finepix XP20
Finepix XP22
Finepix XP30
Finepix XP50
Finepix XP60
Finepix XP70
Finepix XP80
Finepix T200
Finepix T205
Finepix T300
Finepix T305
Finepix T350
Finepix T360
Finepix T400
Finepix T410
Finepix T500
Finepix T510
Finepix T550
Finepix T555
Finepix T560

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