PM Professional XC522 Tripod - Blue

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PM Professional XC series tripods are lightweight, stable, stylish and easy to carry. They are the ideal choice for backpackers, nature and wildlife photographers, photojournalists, or any other photographer where the size of their gear matters. The XC522 is the smallest and most compact of the series. With a collapsed size of about 12'' and a carrying weight of less than 3 lbs., you can put this in a backpack or in your briefcase with ease. The double extension center column still allows for a comfortable working height of 53''.

Other features common to the XC Series include: 
+ 180º folding leg design for the ultimate in compact storage 
+ Precision machined alloy body minimizes weight 
+ Dual threaded head platform assures compatibility with almost any head or camera 
+ Spring loaded weight hook allows the addition of additional weight for added stability 
+ Built-in monopod for added versatility 
+ Three position-adjustable legs with easy and fast-to-use push button locks allow for low angle shooting, shooting in cramped situations or shooting on uneven surfaces 
+ Ball head has multiple bubble levels to help with precise positioning

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