Annual Service (>$3000)

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This is CameraClix's total care package. We've offered this in our brick-and-motor stores since the advent of digital cameras, and due to the popularity and requests, it's now here too!

Annual Service

  • Post-in or drop off for an annual sensor clean*, once a year for 2 years.
  • After sales support and access to learning materials.
  • Bonus 24 month warranty.^

*Interchangeable-lens cameras only. Other cameras will receive a full check-over and operational run-down to confirm all functionality and hardware is working as intended.

^Extra 24 month warranty covers everything the manufacturer warranty covers. This is limited to a maximum of 5 years. Id est, if the manufacturer warranty is 4 years long, CameraClix will only add 12 months, making a total of 5 years.

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